5 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver

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Did you know that secret to a better immune system could be hiding in your jewelry box?


Since ancient times, precious metals were prized not only for their aesthetic appeal but for the range of healing properties they were purported to harness.  Since ancient times metals were placed next to the skin so the wearer could unleash and enjoy their healing powers – over time the design became more ornate and jewelry as we know it today was born.


Not many of us are aware that the jewelry we wear is imbued with potent healing properties. 

Discover 5 healing properties of silver:


  1. Anti Anxiety, alleviate nerves – wearing silver can help restore equilibrium to your energies and mood

  2. Remove excessive energy from blood circulation – thereby helping reduce blood pressure, remedy circulation trouble or temperature imbalance

  3. Antiviral and antibacterial – did you know silver has antibacterial and antiviral properties and when placed next to the skin can help fight colds and flu

  4. Feminine energy – Silver is associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis symbolizing feminine energy. If you are ultra feminine you will be drawn to silver accessories.  However, if you who wish to express a little more femininity adding something of silver such as a pair of clip on earrings will help connect you with your inner goddess.

  5. Balance and Harmony – Silver is a blend of black and white, light and darkness, day and night – this color bridges past tradition with the future – making it a perfect color for the If you are trying to live your life more presently, adding some silver accessories could be all you need to assist with the power of now

"Silver is the most present of colors"

5 health benefits of wearing silver