Fall-Winter Fashion Guide: 5 Things About the Color #4 Aurora Red

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1. According to New York Fashion Week this Fall's #4 Color is Aurora Red

2. Aurora Red takes its inspiration from AURORA BOREALIS - The northern lights bearing close resemblance to the red shade of dawn

3. Strong Willed - Aurora red has the effect of endowing the wearer with increased confidence making this a perfect color for those who are shy and lack self will

4. Desire and Sensuality - Red is the color of sexuality, desire and passion.  However Aurora Red having some blue and being closer to crimson emits more sensuality than sexuality

5. Stimulant - Red increases energy flow, though too much can cause agitation.  Therefore it is important to learn how to wear and pair this shade 



"Growing up in Ireland I vividly remember long Summer evenings which never really got dark that almost merged into magical dawn.  Living so far North our sky was aglow with the Northern Lights.  This shade Aurora Red reminds me of what my brother and I termed magnetic midnight.  And rightly so, for Aurora in Northern latitudes is the effect known as AURORA BOREALIS  (Northern Lights) - named after the Roman Goddess of Dawn, AUROA, and the Greek name for the North Wind, Boreas by Galileo in 1619.

It is no coincidence designers choose this shade Aurora Red as the #4 Color for Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion Trends.  The Top 10 Colors for this season are not only visually pleasing, psychologically stimulating, emotionally enhancing but imbued with meaning.

Aurora Red is the red sky of dawn, as the time old saying goes, 'Red sky at night, shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning, sailors warning' and this shade is no exception.  Designer's have consciously chosen this hue to evoke feelings of fireyness, passion, life force, strength, determination.  All empowering the modern lady, breaking gender conventions.

Aurora is further linked to power and force, borrowing the Greek name for the North Wind.  This shade will sweep through Fall and Winter Fashion, a force to be reckoned with, not challenged, having the psychological effect of giving confidence to those who are shy and lack will power, as well as energizing and increasing motivation.

Are you ready to feel a more energized, determined, confident, sensual you?

This shade should have us confidently transitioning into the next season - though care must be taken when pairing as too much red can evoke feelings or irritation and anger. I have put together a guide for how to achieve the right harmony accessorizing ..."

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