Fall Fashion Guide: 5 Things You Need to Know about Color #6 Dusty Cedar

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5 things you need to know about Color #6 Dusty Cedar

1. According to New York Fashion Week and The Huffington Post this Fall 2016's #6 Color is Dusty Cedar

2. Dusty Cedar is a distinct shade of reddish brown - encompassing the security and organic-ness of brown but with the fiery passion and energy of red! 

3. Strength - Dusty Cedar takes its name from the famous Cedars of Lebanon.  Lebanon wood is red, fragrant and durable.

4. Luxury and Prestige - Lebanon cedars are known to be the most expensive timber, due to the scarcity and difficulty in securing it.  For this reason it was used in building Solomon's temple and signifies great prestige. 

5. Life and vitality - This shade just as the Lebanon Cedars is evergreen, showing life and vitality all year round, season after season...

“Growing up in Ireland, then living in London and the East Coast (Boston) I vividly remember the changing seasons and that deep rich autumnal glow.  It was not till I moved to Los Angeles with the absence of such seasonal variation that I appreciated the visual and psychological beauty of nature’s changing foliage. 
There was just an emotion that could only be conjured from observing that autumnal glow, a sense of warmth, comfort, sensuality, decadence, luxury, simplicity, connection and appreciation of the natural, an awareness that harvest was nigh, thanksgiving approaching and so time for family and the sentimental, that no matter how dark the days were becoming outside, inside there would be comfort, warmth and light.
It was an acknowledgement of the natural seasonal rhythm, being in tune with nature.  Close your eyes, imagine that autumnal glow and you are envisioning Dusty Cedar, a distinct shade of reddish brown.  This shade encompasses the security and organicness of brown coupled with the fiery passion and energy of red!  The perfect relaxer and pick me up!!!
Dusty Cedar’s entry into the Top 10 Colors by Pantone for Fall and Winter 2016 is no surprise.  Taking its name and sharing its roots with evergreen Cedars of Lebanon this shade is imbued with deep symbolism.  Lebanon cedar is known to be the most expensive timber, due to the scarcity and difficulty in securing it, for this reason it was used in building King Solomon’s temple.  This color thus became associated with luxury, scarcity and great prestige. 
Why not add a little Dusty Cedar to your Wardrobe and enjoy the emotional and psychological benefits of wearing this shade?  To help guide you through the process of how to wear and pair Dusty Cedar I have put together my 6 favorite outfits for every occasion……  Enjoy xo”

Alanya Grace

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree
and grow tall like the cedars in Lebanon