Summer Fashion Guide: 5 Things About Summer 2016 Color Trends #12 Futuristic Silver

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1. According to The Huffington Post this Summer's #12 Color is Futuristic Silver 

2. Silver is the color of Greek Goddess Artemis - symbolizing feminine energy and higher spirituality

3. Silver is the Color of Balance and harmony - being a blend of black and white, light and dark, day and night - bridging past tradition with the future this is the perfect color for the present

4. Wearing silver can help restore equilibrium to your energies and mood

5. Silver is glamorous and sophisticated

summer 2016 fashion trends color futuristic silver

"Being a Theologian and Computer Engineer turned designer, balance has always been a feature of my life and way of thinking.  In all I do I seek to achieve harmony - whether it be creating, cooking, what clothes I put together - this harmony is an instinct, a feminine intuition, a spiritual knowing.  It is no surprise I relate strongly to the color silver - both in my home decor and the accessories I choose to wear.  This trend Futuristic Silver evokes high tech, futuristic design yet also reflects back to the ancient traditions. Wearing silver I find helps restore equilibrium emotionally and spiritually while also helping me feel feminine and sophisticated ... "
Alanya Grace