Summer Fashion Guide: 6 Things About the Color #13 Stark White

Posted by ClipOnEarrings CHIC on

1. According to The Huffington Post this Summer's #13 Color is Stark White

2. White is the ultimate source of pure energy and light.  It represents divine energy as well as innocence and purity

3. Wearing white or merely an accessory of white can act as a symbol connecting you with your true inner light and optimism

4. White is the Color of balance, equality and unity - white contains an equal balance of all colors of the spectrum with equal portions of both the positive and negative aspects of all colors

5. Wearing white can help bring calm, peace, comfort and hope

6. Wearing white gives an increased sense of sophisticated 



"Being a Theologian and Computer Engineer turned designer, peace and calm have always been high on the list of things I seek.  I live a calm, reflective, creative life - taking comfort and inspiration from my surroundings and the things I choose to wear.  Recently I have been drawn to wearing more and more white, feeling brightness, a deeper connection with my true self, a connection that opens the mind to understand more, the heart to feel more comfort and the soul more hope.... 
Wearing white can be daunting if this is not a shade you are familiar with.  I have carefully curated a few looks, with some remarks to help ease you in to what I believe is a wonderful reflective shade"

Alanya Grace