Summer Fashion Guide: 5 things you need to know about Color Trend #14 Mossy Green

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1. According to The Huffington Post this Summer's #14 Color is Mossy Green

2. Green is the color of balance - being made of yellow and blue - green encompasses the mental clarity of optimism of yellow, together with the emotional calm and insight of blue

3. Green is the color of stability and endurance - Wearing green can give us strength to cope with adversity 

4. Too much green can convey envy - its critical to get the right balance and pair with the right accessories to reap the emotional benefits

5. Self Love - Green is an emotionally positive color helping us foster the energy to nurture ourselves and love others unconditionally

"Growing up in Ireland my eyes were spoilt with many shades of green.  This was something I took for granted until I moved overseas.  Living in Boston and now Los Angeles I not only miss the shades of green, but also the calm they made me feel.  Unable to recreate the Irish lush pastures and the sense of abundance this magical color conjures, I have found comfort in wearing a little green, helping foster balance of the head and heart!  Though pairing with the right accessories is of vital importance as too much "green" can create a feeling of envy. I have put together some of my favorite looks as guidelines to help you understand how to pair to unleash the healing benefits..." 
Alanya Grace

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