What Every Mom Should Know: Top 10 Ear Piercing Health Risks, Problems and Dangers

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What Every Mom Should Know:

Top 10 Ear Piercing Health Risks, Problems and Dangers

We live in an age of digital information. Never before have Mommy’s had such access to expert knowledge – whether it be diet, food, health, lifestyle … I could go on.

We are more aware than ever before of what we are eating, what our kids are eating, aware of lifestyle, of chemicals, food additives, fair trade, how to source organic produce, how to eat for various illnesses and conditions, never before have Mommy’s been making so many informed decisions for the improvement and optimizations of their child’s health – tweeting, researching, sharing this information, creating pretty boards for the benefit of others and other Mommy’s.

Yet when it comes to one particular area of health, the decision to pierced a young girls ears, the conversation is rather quiet. Perhaps this topic is not in Vogue, perhaps this health danger is so widely practiced we do not even think of it as a danger - I seek to understand the desire to pierce a young daughters ears, which to me seems rather barbaric and assess the problems it poses to one's health, and after doing so urge all Moms to share!

“… when it comes to one particular area of health – the effects of ear piercing in young girls – it seems that the information is very limited…”

The fact is that piercing is part of many cultures around the world. They did this for different reasons. Some of them wanted to show their affiliation to certain tribes, some of them thought that such practice will make them look more attractive (or scary) and there were also people who believed that piercing protects them from evil spirits. People today use piercing for more or less the same reasons.

I am really puzzled by this behavior. While the awareness of importance of practicing healthy lifestyle is growing, the trend of piercing our young daughters’ ears stays strong. Is it possible that most moms are just following the trend and don’t want their child to be “different” even if this means increased health risk? Is it possible that our concerns about our health and the health of our loved ones stops when we think that we have found something that can make us or them more attractive?

Give serious consideration to the numerous health risks associated with ear piercings, starting with the most serious reasons:

 1. Infections

Piercing your daughter’s ears can result in a transmission of blood-borne viruses like HIV, hepatitis B, C, D, and G, staph infections (including drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and tuberculosis, Epstein-Barr virus and herpes simplex. This is possible in case of use of non-sterile instruments. Local infection is a common complication too. So, think twice before peer pressure makes you put fashion before health.

2. Pain, itching, swelling, tenderness, redness, or tissue injury at the piercing

These occurrences are usually symptoms of infections. Once again, the main reason is the use of non-sterile instruments and/or improper care after the process is finished. Keep in mind that all these problems will occur on the head and it is quite easy for such seemingly harmless problems to results in serious health issues.

3. Keloids (thick scarring at the piercing site)

While it is true that this problem is benign, it is also true that keloids leave permanent aesthetical “signature” on the ears.

4. Development of nodules of inflamed tissue called granulomas

It is not unusual for people who have pierced their ears to experience granulomas and children are not an exception. The process of treating this health issue is complex and involves series of examinations.

 5. Excessive bleeding

Excessive bleeding can happen because of two reasons – improper piercing or sensitivity to certain metals.

 6. Allergic reactions

There are many kids that are allergic to gold, silver and other metals and sometimes these reactions can be very unpleasant. 

7. Damage to nerves

The ear has many nerve endings and in case some of these nerves is damaged, your daughter can lose feeling in this area.

 8. Damage to underlying blood vessels

The same goes when it comes to blood vessels. This time the consequences can be even more severe.

9. Scarring of the pierced site

Besides the thick scarring (keloids), your daughter can suffer from other types of scarring which may occur during the piercing process. 

   10.  Personal Regret – Ignoring the known risk

There are even some people who have heard the pros and cons but continued, could not resist the peer pressure and live to regret it – I am one of these individuals and I am going to share my story with you so you don’t have to learn by the mistakes and pain I went through! If you really want your daughter to wear earrings, look for clip on earrings. This type of earrings doesn’t come with any side effects and they look equally attractive as standard earrings. Take care of your daughter’s health and avoid anything that can leave serious consequences on her development.

Of course, modern moms are more knowledgeable and more aware of the possible risks that piercing brings, but it looks like many of them ignore these facts and pierce their daughter’s ears while accepting the fact that there is potential serious health risk.

"...Is it possible that our concerns about our health and the health of our loved ones stops, when we think that we have found something that can make us or them more attractive?"  

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