The Best Child Friendly Clip On Earring Collection

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le petite princess safe kids children clip on earrings

Here is a great example of the best child friendly, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free clip on earrings collection, The Le Petite Princess from the popular health conscious jewelry brand, Alanya Grace. This brand is known for its' trendy and unique jewelry designs using only hypoallergenic materials.

The Le Petite Princess Collection will let your daughter feel glamorous and show off her inner princess. The designers behind this collection had two things in mind when they were creating these earrings: the safety of children and the unique style. The Le Petite Princess collection is ideal for all girls over the age of 3.

Ear piercing brings many dangers and health risks including infections, bleeding, scarring, tissue damages, nerve damages the list goes on. Avoid the risks of piercing by using clip earrings. The Le Petite Princess Collection was designed by entrepreneur and model Alanya Grace. Alanya created the collection, because she had her own unpleasant experience with ear piercing. 

Alanya was one of the rare girls' that didn’t have their ear pierced, she kept asking her mother for permission. After months of debating, her mother finally allowed her to get her ears pierced. Alanya still remembers the excitement she felt when she heard the news, but what she remembers even better is the pain when her ears were pierced. She describes the pain as a powerful nettle sting that kept her ears feeling warm. After the ear piercing Alanya’s ear was sore, swollen and red. 

Of course, the fact that she was now part of the “group” of girls with pierced ears provided some comfort, but the pain left her with little sleep. Alanya thought that something like this was normal, she didn’t realize that she had had an abnormal response to the ear piercing and the piercing resulted in a Keloid scar. Of course, the irony is that she injured herself, because she “wanted to fit in" or maybe it was because of the peer pressure.

After a while, the keloid scar grew so big that Alanya couldn’t wear pierced earrings anymore. What is even worse, the keloid scar was growing so rapidly that Alanya was forced to take steroid injection treatments, which has many side effects. Other treatment methods available are surgery, traditional and plastic and wearing ear compression pads.

The results of ear piercing were not very good for Alanya, but this didn’t stop Alanya’s creativity. She started designing trendy, comfy, hypoallergenic clip on earrings. It turned out that these earrings are not only a safe alternative for pierced earrings, but they also helped her to heal the keloid scar, as the clip on earrings flattened the keloid scar. These earrings were designed in a way which made them comfortable for wearing day and night. 

This is how the brand Alanya Grace was born and this is why one of the brand’s mottos are Fashion for Health. The best part is that Alanya soon realized that both kids and adults can benefit from wearing such earrings and this is why she has created several different collections.

Thanks to Alanya Grace every girl and woman can feel glam and be trendy using clip on earrings without worrying about health risks. The collection includes exclusive everyday and occasion looks. The collection is very classy for any age to wear and still feel like a princess, choose a pair of earrings from The Le Petite Princess Collection. 

Now let’s highlight some of the most popular styles in The Le Petite Princess Collection: 

  1. Le Petite Princess White Crown Stud

le petite princess white crown stud clip on earrings

What can possibly emphasize princess and royalty more than a crown? This unique non pierced earrings comes with beautiful white enamel crowns and extra comfy clip on back element. Make your daughter feel like a real princess with these crown shaped Swarovski crystal earrings.


2. Le Petite Princess Black Daisy Drop 

le petite princess kids black daisy drop clip on earrings

    Now here’s a good example of exclusive earrings for your little girl. They come in the form of daisies and they can be easily noticed because of their length. This piece of jewelry from the Le Petite Princess collection features high-quality black Austrian crystals, this earring comes in a variety of color choices. Your girls will love to wear these earrings on the next special occasion.


     3. Le Petite Princess Green Bow Drop 

    le petite princess kids green drop clip on earrings

    If you want to make your girl look elegant, you have to include a pair of fashionable earrings in her outfit. The beautiful Austrian crystals in these clip on earrings are made with safe gold alloy and a  range of color choices. They feature adjustable screw clip on back feature that allows you to find the ideal grip for your daughter’s ears.


    4. Le Petite Princess Pearl Bow Drop 

    le petite princess pearl bow clip on earrings

    Ivory pearls in a combination with beautiful gold bow, this sounds like something that a true princess would wear, right? Your daughter will surely be excited to have a pair of earrings like this.


    5. Le Petite Princess Pink Daisy Studs 

    le petite princess pink daisy stud clip on earrings

    What little girl will not feel feminine and glam with this pink, floral pretty daisy Clip Ons? The clip on backs are a butterfly backs, suitable for even the smallest of ears with no pinching included.


    6. Le Petite Princess Pink Nature Studs Set

    le petite princess pink nature set stud clip on earrings

    This particular set of earrings is probably most suitable for girls that are 3 or 4 years old. The set was inspired by things found in nature like birds, mushrooms and ladybugs. Of course, they come in gentle pink color and they are made with safe gold alloy.


    7. Le Petite Princess Crystal Garland Hoops 

    le petite princess crystal garland hoop clip on earrings

    If you want your daughter to feel playful, girly and glam the multi colored Swarovski crystal garland hoop clip on earrings are the perfect pair. The crystals' shine will make her feel like a princess, while topped with a lovely gold bow. 


    8. Le Petite Princess White Heart Studs 

    le petite princess white enamel heart stud clip on earrings

    The Heart is a symbol loved by all and we are so sure that your daughter will love these earrings. What is even more interesting is that these white enamel hearts come with a special detail – small wings on the side of each earring and they are also available in pale pink.


    9. Le Petite Princess Turquoise Bow Drop 

    le petite princess turquoise bow drop clip on earrings

    This pair of earring is fun and versatile, the detail of the pearl studded bow is glam and feminine and turquoise (also available in pink) bead is eye-catching. Your daughter will love accessorizing with this pair of mini drop pearl clip on earrings and will feel like the little princess she is.  


    10. Gold Garland Crystal Bow Stud

    The simple gold garland crystal bow is subtle enough for your daughter to wear every day to school, yet feminine enough to still make her feel glam and dressed up. This is one of the most versatile pair of kids clip on earrings suitable for your daughters non pierced ears. 


    Discover The Le Petite Princess Collection the child friendly, extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free clip on earring collection, just perfect for 3-year-olds and above with non-pierced ears.