Ambassador Program

A Special Invitation To Join Our Ambassadors Program & Enrich Your World: are cordially inviting you to become apart of our growing fashion enterprise as an Ambassador

You could be selling our exquisite collection of ClipOnEarrings and you could be making ongoing revenue by simply sharing our collection with your acquaintances, friends, business associates or even your relatives.

To get you set up as an ambassador, just go to our website and sign up. We will supply you with the postcards printed with a special promotional shopping cart code on it and each code is unique to the ambassador

The Postcards are to be passed out at your ClipOnEarrings parties/get togethers after you present the sample earrings box to the customers. 

As the ClipOnEarrings Ambassador you will receive 15% of the sales price and your customers will receive 10% off of the sale price plus a free pair of earrings from

How To Become An Ambassador:

1. Go to

2. Fill out the form to be a New Ambassador 

3. You will need your own jewelry sales case which is filled with 16 pairs of earrings, our bestsellers. We do ask you to cover the cost with a one time fee of $85.00 this fee covers: 

The cost of the 16 pairs of earrings

The jewelry presentation case

The 250 sales postcards 

Our sales catalogue

Please note:

This is a one time fee and it will be refunded to you in full, once you make your first $500 in sales and we will also give you an added bonus of $85.00, which means you will get back double the investment which you put in! 

4. You will receive 15% Off on all earrings that you buy for yourself. 

You will also get the option to be the first to market our new ClipOnEarrings lines which we are in the process of adding to our brand. 

5. We will provide you with the ongoing support needed, as well as keep you supplied with the postcards and other needed marketing materials as well as with the sales strategies needed to be successful as an Ambassador of ClipOnEarrings.

Join Our Ambassador Program Today And We will Help You To Succeed! 

Go to ClipOnEarringsChic Ambassador Now!