Color for Health: Gold

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Color Therapy dates back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India where color was used to help restore balance, each color having its own positive therapeutic health benefits as a 'color medicine' for particular conditions.


Come with us on a journey as we explore each of the colors of the color spectrum learning the healing powers of each, which conditions they address and in turn build our knowledge to not only cope mentally, emotionally and physically but to thrive.


10 ways gold can improve your mental, emotional and spiritual health:


Color for Health: Gold

1. Enthusiasm

Perhaps you are feeling a little down and need an emotional pick me up – gold will help lift your spirits and bring joy.

2. Balancing thoughts and feelings – need a little more harmony in your life? Gold is the color of order and balance

3. Wisdom – helps open the mind and soul to obtain divine revelation.

4. Anti-anxiety – Recharges the soul in times of mental stress, uplifts the spirits

5. Self-esteem - helps build self-esteem and foster self-love - which in turn increases our ability to love others unconditionally.  Loving others begins by learning to love oneself

6. Anti-inflammatory – anti-aging

Wearing gold attracts heat to the body and improves circulation, thereby reducing inflammation and signs of aging.  Did you know poor circulation is the one of the #1 underlying conditions to auto immune conditions – with improved circulation our bodies eliminate toxins more effectively reducing the stress on your body and resulting in better health

7. Purification and Purity – did you know wearing gold is known to assist with emotional purification? This is not surprising as gold symbolizes purity

“I love your commandments above gold, and fine gold”

8. Anti – Depressant – gold is optimistic and positive, it adds warmth and illuminates.  Transforming negative emotions to positive feelings.

9. S.A.D. Therapy - This healing color and metal is beneficial for S.A.D. the light and warmth invigorating and inspiring confidence in the future – giving Hope

10. Strengthened immunity – gold improves our bodies circulation which in turn creates a purer, less toxic body resulting in a stronger immune system



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