Spring Fashion: 3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pink Outfit

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spring fashion 3 tips to create the perfect pink outfit

Pink is one of the most popular Spring 2016 fashion trends. Here are three ways to wear it this season without calling to mind Barbie, Macaroon’s or your favorite color when you were five…

It cannot be ignored; this season fashion is having affection for all things pink – look to Prada, look to Chanel, Erdmen … And to the red carpets: Ruth Wilson in a punch of fuchsia and Kendall Jenner in blush. Get ready to embrace it! Pink is going to be one of the most popular colors for not only Spring 2016 but also Fall and Winter Fashion. However the thought of adding pink to your wardrobe horrifies so many ladies conjuring up images of Barbie, macaroon's and our favorite color when we were five.  Don't not dismay we have put together three simple tips for how to wear pink this season….


  1. Pick a shade and stick to it

Believe it or not, pink is actually one of the most versatile colors and the color for every individual. Impossible you may think! But pink comes in a very broad spectrum of shades, from pale baby pink to deep rose to fuchsia pink with the undertones of blue and violet. Apparently there is a shade of pink to match every skin and hair tone. Daunted by the plethora of choice we have broke it down to make it simple for you. Pale skin and pale pink is not a good combination as it looks rather washed out.  The key to pairing is to go for contrast, pale skin with deeper fuchsia shades and the more tanned skin a paler shade to show off your swarthy glow. Pale pink will also accentuate dark eyes and dark hair whereas deeper shades will make blond hair and blue eyes pop.


It is best to stick to either pale pinks or deep red pinks with a kick to balance the ‘pinkness’.


statement clip on earrings

You can always add a touch of elegance and class if you feel to ‘girly’ by adding some pearl clip on earrings or glitz with statement clip on earrings. Both combinations will ensure you are taken serious and are guaranteed to turn heads.


  1. Wear it in your makeup

Who says your entire outfit has to be a wash of pink to share in this fashion trend? You can add some pink just by accentuating one detail of your look to be subtle yet stunning. For example, you can add a rose glow to your eyes with a little pink or fuchsia eye shadow blended with nude tones, or my favorite way, add a pop of pink to your lips with any shade of pink lip stick, again there is a shade that will suit every individual – the key is finding what works best with your hair, skin and eye tone.

3 tips hot to wear pink spring fashion trends 2016


  1. Accessorize with it

Your accessories are a great place to add some pink to your look if your looking to add this trend to your day time attire or office chic. Many jewels already have this hue you are searching for, so there’s no need to go overboard. Most people think of this trend in a necklace or bracelet, but you can add some pink punch with a pair of pink clip on earrings.