Fall Fashion Guide: 5 Ways How to Color Trend #2 Airy Blue

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According to New York Fashion Week, Vogue and the Huffington Post - This Fall's #2 Color is Airy Blue. Like the clear blue skies of Summer past - airy blue may be an unusual entry into the Top 10 Colors for Fall and Winter.  

However it is no surprise as this season designer's are all about pushing traditional boundaries, in some cases deconstructing them - the result of this has been a fresh creation of looks and colors - Today fashion knows no boundaries!



"This Season's #2 Color Airy Blue is a paler shade of blue, reminiscent of bright blue skies.  This unusual entry into the Top 10 Colors for Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion breaks traditional Fall conventions.

2016 has been an exciting time for Fashion Trends.  This year was the first ever that Pantone's Top Colors were gender neutral.  Fashion today is more than "style" - it is a unique tapestry of art, psychology, design, fusing the ancient with modern and futuristic, a place where conflicting world's collide.  

Through this expression designer's have effectively challenged traditional roles - making it 'en Vogue' to be feminine, individual and comfortable.  Style is becoming the secret agent for change, expression and reform.  

 Each of the Top 10 Colors for Fall and Winter 2016 have a profound effect on one's consciousness and health - many opening the mind and creating calm.  Aspiring to higher ideals replaces traditional conformity and repression.

No longer should we mourn the passing of Summer.  With Airy Blue you can Spring into Fall feeling invigorated, optimistic and energetic ...

Though the lack of boundaries can feel somewhat perplexing.  To help guide into this new exciting world of color I have put together 5 ways how to wear and pair Airy Blue for every occasion ... "

Alanya Grace


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