Fall-Winter Fashion Guide: 5 Things About the Color #5 Warm Taupe

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1. According to New York Fashion Week this Fall's #5 Color is Warm Taupe

2. Warm Taupe is otherwise known as beige-brown, a dark tan color in-between brown tan and grey

3. Taupe derives from the French noun 'taupe' meaning mole, originally referring only to the average color of the French Mole but in the 1940's expanding to other shades - including this season's Warm Taupe! 

4. Perfect Foundational Base - Taupe's neutral appearance makes it the perfect choice of fashion designers for foundational shading.  This shade gives you a blank (mole) canvas on which to express your emotions, layer, accessorize, juxtapose and play this Season

5. Calm and Comfort - Warm Taupe is sensual, sensitive and warm, engulfing the wearer in a feeling of calm and comfort



Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Color #5 Warm Taupe

"This Season's #5 Color is Warm Taupe a beige shade of brown, reminiscent of Autumn Fields at time of harvest.  Like the fields of harvest, the shade conveys abundance, prosperity and earthiness, it is associated with all that is wholesome, organic and natural.

This entry into the Top 10 Colors for Fall and Winter 2016 Fashion is no surprise as shades of brown never seem to make an exit from the Runway.  The neutral appearance of Warm Taupe makes it a perfect choice among designer's for foundational shading, providing a somewhat blank canvas on which we can layer, accessorize, juxtapose and play this season...  Wearing this shade fosters a deep emotional security and sense of belonging.

Growing up in Ireland then living in London, Boston and LA - I have often been described as having 
"the glitz and glam with a good measure of earthiness".  This is the most apt description for the shade Warm Taupe and the feeling it will imbue any lady with, having its roots in the natural, earthy and organic this shade provides the perfect elegant, neutral layer upon which to add as much glitz and glam as your heart pleases....

Too much brown or taupe can leave you feeling dull, the right amount what every man desires.  Essential to wearing this shade correctly is knowing how to pair and accessorize, to help guide you through this process I have put together 5 looks for every occasion ... "

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