5 things you need to know about garnet - January's birthstone

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Birthstones are more than beautiful stones associated with each month of the year.  Did you know that the gems we wear to signify our birth month have their ancient origins in the breast plate of Aaron, 12 stones signifying the 12 tribes of Israel?  These stones are linked with the astrological cycle and legend has it that wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened the healing and therapeutic benefits.


Let this year be your year of learning and come on this journey with us as we explore all 12 birthstones and how each can benefit you or a loved one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health today.


garnet - January birthstone clip on earrings


  1. Ancient origin – did you know birthstones date back to the breastplate of Aaron representing the 12 tribes of Israel.


First-century Jewish historian Josephus described Aaron’s breastplate in his book entitled, Antiquities of the Jews.  The Book of Exodus tells us that Aaron, the first high priest bore the responsibility of memorizing the names of the twelve tribes and that his breastplate was made of 12 precious stones inscribed with the names of the 12 tribes.


“And Aaron shall bear the names of the Children of Israel in the breastplate of judgment upon his heart, when he goeth in unto the Holy Place.”

 Exodus 28 v12, 29


  1. Garnet is derived from the word ‘granatum’ meaning seed, it strongly resembles the pomegranate seed in look and color


  1. Strengthen Love – giving garnet as a gift has long been associated with increasing love energy and is believed to strengthen the bond between two lovers or friends


  1. Positive spiritual effects – garnet has long been known as a deeply spiritual gemstone, its color red being the color of blood, life, passion and energy. Wearing garnet helps improve confidence and also eliminates fear, making one feel courageous.


  1. Eternal friendship and trust

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