5 Things About September's Birthstone Sapphire

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Birthstones are more than gorgeous gemstones associated with a particular month of the year. Each stone is know to have beneficial health and spiritual effects for the wearer and a deep significance with its association with each particular month.


Discover 5 things you probably didn't know about September's birthstone - the Sapphire



1. Ancient Origin


Did you know that birthstones are not a modern notion but have their ancient origin in the breastplate of Aaron, each of the 12 stones worn by the High Priest represented a particular tribe of Israel.

2. Name - Dear to Saturn
Sapphire comes from the Latin sapphirus Greek sappheiros meaning “blue stone,” derived from Sanskrit word sanipriya “dear to Saturn.” 
3. Steadfast Love
Sapphires symbolize loyalty, nobility, sincerity and integrity.
4. Royal Gem
Worn by nobility for centuries as a sumbol of wisdom, fortune, virtue & Hoiliness for Royals
5. Favorite among Royals - Princess Diana and Princess Kate
The stone of both Diana and Kate’s engagement ring - steadfast love